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State & Local Job Creation Tax Credits

All 50 states offer tax credit and incentive opportunities to encourage companies to invest and create jobs in that state. With more than 500 state and local credits available, tracking all of them can be cumbersome. That is where GIS offers a great value-add to your organization. Our tax team is dedicated to tracking state and local (and federal!) tax credits for our clients so you can feel confident that you're taking advantage of all available tax credits.

One of the many state tax credits available supports companies committed to hiring qualified veterans. The requirements and credits vary by state, but GIS helps our clients ensure that they are capturing all possible tax credits. We identify eligible employees based on initial screening information, confirm their status as a qualified veteran, prepare annual credit reports and provide complete audit support with every tax credit.

Other state and local tax credits available include:

  • Enterprise Zone credits
  • Job creation credits
  • Investment tax credits
  • Geographic statutory credits
  • Industry-specific Tax Credits & Incentives

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