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Economic Incentives

There are numerous incentives that exist to attract employers to certain areas and to reward companies operating in certain areas. GIS can help companies in the process of growing, expanding, and/or relocating realize significant tax incentives and grant opportunities intended to financially encourage your organization to do so.

Your organization may qualify for economic tax incentives if you are:

  • Hiring additional employees as part of a growth process
  • Building new facilities
  • Expanding your current facilities
  • Relocating offices or workplaces
  • Providing measurable infrastructure benefits

GIS will provide total incentives management services to your organization so you will get the credits you need without having to worry about doing the cumbersome legwork yourself. Our internal tax and compliance experts will help your organization receive the highest incentive benefits possible through our complete management process.

Incentives and credits available include:

  • Sustainable Living
  • Negotiated Packages
  • Employee Training Grants
  • Social Responsibility Awards
  • Canadian Targeted Wage Subsidy

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