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Why Choose GIS

There are so many reasons to choose GIS. Whether you're looking for a company that has great customer service, a company that keeps its services in the U.S., a company that has achieved NAPBS accreditation, or you're simply looking for one of the best background screening companies in the nation, GIS is the provider for you.

Made in the USA

Many background check companies are content with sending personal information overseas to places where lax data regulations reign. GIS is not one of those companies. Every single service that can be performed in the U.S. is performed in the U.S., from verifications and background checks to customer service. It's that simple.

NAPBS Accreditation

GIS is one of fewer than %varGoesHere% background screening companies in the U.S. that has achieved accreditation from the NAPBS' Background Screening Accreditation Council. The intense process minutely scrutinized GIS' policies and procedures in critical areas and rigorously audited the company. Everything we do as a screening company is done to their exacting standards. GIS is one of the largest background check companies to be accredited.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance process helps ensure that we provide you the most accurate and high-quality products possible. Every record is double-checked for accuracy before being passed on to our clients and only records with multiple matching identifiers are reported.

Innovation, Technology & Configurability

GIS has always been known as an innovator, having offered one of the first online background check portals. Our products are configurable to client needs in a way that many companies just can't compete against, from customized adjudication guidelines to client-branding. We go out of our way to make sure that the solution you wind up with is perfectly tailored to your company.


Our guiding focus is compliance. From FCRA and EEOC to state laws and beyond, GIS focuses on remaining in compliance and helping our clients remain in compliance. We offer whitepapers that cover a variety of compliance topics, access to our proprietary national and international compliance systems and much more. Plus we regularly update our clients on new and developing background screening topics. Everything we do is done with compliance in mind.

GIS by the Numbers

1966 Founded in 1966, GIS has 50 years of experience under our belt, meaning we have the knowledge you need to create a top-notch screening program.

%varGoesHere% GIS's error rate is consistently less than %varGoesHere% because of our heavy investment in quality assurance processes which enable us to provide superior reports.

97% We maintain a 97% client retention rate due to our clients' total satisfaction with our services, people and technology.

1 Each account with GIS has 1 dedicated point of contact in our Client Relations department, supported by a team of highly-trained individuals. Everyone will be familiar with your account, ensuring that your calls and emails will be answered by someone who knows your business.

0% As part of our stringent commitment to PII protection, GIS offshores 0% of our operational or customer support processes, keeping this labor in the U.S.

%varGoesHere% Processing %varGoesHere% screening components annually makes us one of the largest screening companies in the nation. This standing makes us well-equipped to deal with high volumes of requests at all times.