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Client Relations

GIS is known among the industry and among our clients for our dedicated account management approach to customer service. Our Client Relationship Managers are able to resolve your issues quickly and have direct access to executive management to ensure any issues are resolved promptly and properly.

  • Experience – GIS' Client Relations team is made up of people with years of industry-based customer service experience. They know how to help you, how to anticipate issues so they don't become problems and how to advise you when necessary.
  • One contact – Every account has one dedicated contact. When you call GIS you won't be speaking to a faceless, nameless person, you'll be speaking to someone who knows your account, your company, your pain points.
  • Client awards – GIS' Client Relationship Managers are frequently recognized by their clients as being some of the best customer service representatives of all of their vendors.
  • Personal relationships – When was the last time you appreciated a customer service person so much that you gave them a standing ovation? When was the last time you sent seeds to a customer service representative because you were talking about your garden? When was the last time you called your current provider and they asked how your kids are, or you knew them well enough to ask how a family member was after surgery? This happens all the time at GIS because our dedicated account management philosophy allows your Client Relationship Manager to not only get to know your account, but to get to know you.