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Drug Testing Solutions

GIS' offers a variety of drug testing solutions and a variety of drug testing panels to create the screening program you need. The entire process can be tracked through our online background screening portal, with time-stamped interviews so that you can keep up-to-date. Plus, as part of our rigorous compliance and Quality Assurance program, all non-negative laboratory results are MRO reviewed by licensed physicians in the medical review department and all final dispositions are provided to our clients through our web-based portal.

Our drug testing offerings cover pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random drug testing solutions.


GIS' urinalysis offerings include lab-based options and point of collection options. Lab-based screenings and confirmations can vary from a standard 5-panel to any combination of expanded panels. Our various point of collection solutions include one with negative results available within 15 minutes – practically instant!

Oral Fluids

Also available in a lab setting or at point-of-collection, GIS' oral fluids solution is excellent for the detection of recent drug activity. Package configurations include 5, 7 and 9-panel options that are designed for observed collection and to eliminate adulteration.

Alcohol Testing

GIS offers the only DOT-approved instant oral alcohol test on the market, which can provide quantitative results in mere minutes. We also offer a variety of other alcohol testing solutions including Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) which can be administered alone or in conjunction with other tests.

Hair Testing

Our Hair Follicle Analysis allows GIS to detect drug activity as far as several months back. As with our other lab-based solutions, GIS works with SAMHSA-certified labs to ensure a comprehensive solution.