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Identity Verifications

Making sure your applicants are who they claim to be has never been more important. Our identity validation screenings take the guesswork out of matching your applicant with the records you need to make the most informed decision.

Name & Address History Search

Rather than limiting research to just those names and addresses provided by the applicant, GIS can run an individual's SSN against a national database that includes information provided by hundreds of sources and public records including utility companies, magazine subscriptions etc. The result is our Name and Address History Report that details all available names and addresses associated with the SSN. This information is then used to develop possible names and addresses for additional criminal history searches.

Social Security Number Validation

Our Social Security Number Validation searches the Social Security Administration (SSA) to identify any irregularities, including whether the SSN is still valid and not found in the Death Master Index. The year and state of issuance may also be identified, depending on whether the SSN was issued before or after SSN Randomization. This does not confirm that the SSN, name and Date of Birth are a match.

Social Security Number Verification

Our Social Security Number Verification will verify the SSNs and names as provide by your employees solely to ensure that the records of current and former employees are correct for the purpose of completing wage and tax statements.