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Adverse Action Services

Compliance is an important part of every background screening program. GIS provides adverse action services to help ease the compliance burden for your organization.

Through our management of the adverse action/dispute process, GIS can distribute Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters (and state-mandated consumer letters where applicable) to applicants who fail to meet your screening standards. We will also work with consumers and providers of public records to resolve any disputes over a consumer's criminal record.

Individualized Assessment

GIS' focus on compliance means that we were one of the first in the industry to respond to the EEOC's guidance that applicants who are denied a position because of a background check should be given the opportunity to explain their rehabilitation and why they should be hired anyway.

This process, known as Individualized Assessment, is completely managed by the GIS team. We provide the opportunity for applicants to explain their situation, provide their explanations to you and make it easier for you to adjust their grades.