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Additional Screening Services

In addition to our typical screening services, GIS offers a number of other solutions for organizations of all sizes, locations and industries. All results can be accessed 24/7 in real-time, and will be reported in our easy-to-read format.

Bankruptcy Reports

Our bankruptcy report service will provide details of any bankruptcy associated with an applicant that is recorded in a given U.S. District Court. Information returned can include:

  • Case or file number
  • Date filed
  • Type of bankruptcy
  • Discharge date
  • Name(s) listed as petitioners
Civil Suits & Judgments

GIS can provide civil history records to identify high-risk applicants by revealing information about claims, suits, and judgments filed by individuals or corporations against other private parties or corporations at both the county and federal level. Examples of findings on the county level include divorce, product liability suits, violation of civil rights, judgments, nonpayment of goods, and other similar cases; while federal includes interstate commerce, violation(s) of civil rights, issues involving the federal government and/or financial institutions.

Media Searches

GIS can conduct a comprehensive search of news and business information sources including local and national newspapers, broadcast transcripts, wire services, magazines and trade journals.

National Wants and Warrants

This is a nationwide search of active, extraditable federal and state warrants which may include felonies and misdemeanors for the requested subject. Where warrant information is identified, GIS will follow up with the issuing agency to determine additional public record information, including the date of issuance and nature of the warrant. Please note that not all law enforcement agencies contribute to this database.

Workers Compensation Incidents

GIS' workers' compensation history check allows you to determine whether applicants have a history of filing workers' compensation claims and can indicate specific injuries that may interfere with them performing certain activities on the job.

Plus industry specific offerings!