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Sports and Entertainment Background Screening

Even reality TV stars and athletes on all levels need background checks. A reality TV star with a wild past isn't a big deal – it might even be a prerequisite – but a reality TV star with a history of domestic abuse is a whole other story. Similarly, a first round draft pick may fall to the wayside if you find out that the breakout star also has a history of break-ins. These possible celebrities are invested in being discovered and brought to the big stage.

With these factors and needs in mind, GIS created our sports and entertainment background screening program. With our program, your applicants are responsible for running their own background checks, limiting the financial burden on your organization while ensuring that they meet your screening standards. You can monitor their checks through your own account and even choose to get either a report with a grade or a Certificate of Completion.

Features of the Non-Employee Screening Platform include:

  • Direct credit-card payment system, allowing for the volunteer or vendor/franchise to pay for their own screenings
  • Web-based system with 24/7 availability
  • Full compliance with your program, including β€œclears"' based on your guidelines
  • Ability for you to monitor whether background checks have been run as necessary
  • Quick return of results and elimination of delays in coordination
  • Quick program implementation
  • Ability to set up a new user account in minutes