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Insurance Producer (Agent) Background Screening

Though best known for employee background screening services and for helping clients hire smarter, GIS does much more than that. Because of our strong roots in the insurance industry, we have created insurance-specific screening programs industry including insurance producer/agent background screening.

With every producer appointed to represent your company, there is a risk to your brand. What if that producer has a relevant criminal record or terrible credit? What if state law bars the producer from being your agent? What if the producer's credentials are expired? Background investigations are a key element to ensure your brand remains protected and that you complete the due diligence necessary to determine that the candidate is a good fit for your business.

We understand that these relationships are not a typical employer-employee relationship and that they are not necessarily subjected to the exact same laws and regulations as a standard employment screening check. We also understand that there are certain services that need to be provided that only apply to agents. Because of the high demand, we created our agent screening and onboarding platform that allows agents to fill out all information in a consolidated format and run the specific checks.

For more details on our agent screening services, please visit our Pangea for Insurance page.