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Employment Background Screening

GIS is well known for our employment background screening services. Pre-hire or post-hire, temporary employees or permanent employees, hourly or salaried – GIS has the appropriate solution to get your employees screened quickly and comprehensively. All of GIS' screening solutions are available for our employment background screening program, and the full weight of GIS' technology, account management and quality are behind employment background screening.

Web-based background screening platform

One way to access our employment background screening services is through GIS' proprietary web-based background screening platform. The platform offers a single-point solution for all your screening needs including submitting requests, receiving real-time status updates, and retrieving reports and consolidated reporting. Accessible 24/7, this platform enables you to make informed decisions faster. Plus, as a web-based system, our platform doesn't require the installation of any software.

Features of the web-based background screening platform:

  • Provides authorized users with the ability to create messages for a company-wide bulletin/message boards
  • Detects user profiles to allow automatic pre-selection of types of searches typically requested
  • Includes multiple short-cut features to conserve time spent on ordering searches
  • Eliminates manual report review for acceptable backgrounds
  • Supports customer-defined background report adjudication and individualized assessment
  • Facilitates review for questionable report results
  • Automates state-required report copies and notices
  • Automates pre-adverse action notices before decisions have been made
  • Automates adverse action notices when decisions have been made


GIS' integration capabilities are incredibly robust in order to accomodate our clients that utilize integrations to access our background screening products. Click here for more information on our integration capabilities.