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Background Screening Coverage Areas – Australia, New Zealand and Oceania & Pacific Islands

GIS' overseas screening solutions include searches in Australia, New Zealand and all of the Oceania & Pacific Islands. Though checks in this region are relatively simple compared to other regions, the different countries still have their own quirks and special ways. GIS' international screening department is well versed in these quirks and the employees understand the forms and the misunderstandings. GIS is there to guide applicants through the necessary steps and to work with the applicant to get the information we need. Through it all, GIS' international background screening department has the solutions and the guidance you need.

Features of our global background screening solutions include user-friendly reporting, web-based order & retrieval and privacy & consent forms in the language of the country being searched. What's more, GIS clients get the full backing of our global research network, multi-lingual verifications team and international compliance experts.

GIS International Screening Services:

  • Criminal history
  • Verifications (employment, education, credential)
  • International database searches
  • Credit reports
  • Civil litigation
  • Driving records
  • Media searches
  • Privacy & data management consulting services
  • Compliance management
  • Industry and country-specific solutions

For more information on what services GIS provides in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania & Pacific Islands, please visit our International Resource Information System (IRIS).

If you are a current GIS international screening client and would like full access to IRIS, please contact your Client Relationship Manager!