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Background Screening

GIS is a leading provider of comprehensive background screening solutions, processing over %varGoesHere% screening components annually. GIS has been perfecting our services and platforms every day since our founding in 1966 and provides the best in background screening services, programs, coverage areas and technology. As with all our services, GIS' innovative and client-driven background screening programs come with our incredible account management and focus on quality.


As one of the largest and oldest background screening providers in the U.S., GIS offers a wide variety of background screening services to suit your every need. Any of our services are offered through multiple platforms and can be customized to fit your needs.

What's more, we invest heavily in our technology, constantly innovating and upgrading our products and services to allow us to provide the best services possible to our clients.

Coverage Areas

GIS offers comprehensive national and international background screening services. As one of the oldest background screening companies in the U.S., GIS has the knowledge and experience to guide our clients plus an International Department dedicated to keeping up-to-date on country specific requirements for screening and data security. Our growing research network includes hundreds of overseas professionals covering all countries where pre-employment screening is legal, and is comprised of compliance and data security experts that help ensure your program is not at risk.

As part of our commitment to helping our clients understand our global background screening services, GIS offers the International Resource Information System (IRIS). IRIS is a proprietary knowledge bank of country-specific forms and information that is available to clients 24/7. In IRIS you can find every country in which GIS provides services, data privacy legislation for each country and what type of services you can order in each country.

GIS' coverage areas include:


Though best known for our employment screening solutions, GIS can support any type of background screening program. Whether you need to make sure that your vendors and contractors screen their employees, or you need to screen students or other non-employees, GIS can help.